Thermal insulating mortars

The biggest problem our company had to face during these years, was the management of polyurethane waste resulting from production and use of polyurethane products.

Unfortunately, industrial polyurethane waste can not be reused like other thermoplastic materials (e.g. polystyrene). This is the reason why, in Cyprus, until recently polyurethane waste ended in landfills and junkyyards. Investing in research and high technology, the company has created an innovative application for the treatment of waste polyurethane foam.

The innovation consists of three parts:

  • Create a polyurethane waste management system, for the use of polyurethane waste from production and other polyurethane products, which arise from our company but also from other companies, enabling them to carry out their legislative obligations on waste management according to the waste management law from 2011 and 2012.
    The company has secured a polyurethane waste management license issued by the Environmental Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of Cyprus.
  • Acquiring technical know-how, construction of waste processing equipment and manufacturing a plant for the production of thermal insulating mortar based on granulated polyurethane foam.
  • Production of thermal insulating mortar based on granulated polyurethane foam, THERMINK, with unique physical and mechanical properties for the use as a thermal and acoustic insulation in roofs, floors and ceilings.

As a continuation of the innovative project for which the company was awarded the Cyprus Innovation Award in the Manufacturing sector (2014), the company expanded permission management polyurethane waste management polyurethane waste license and polystyrene (extruded and expanded) and has produced an even insulating mortar based on recycled polystyrene (PS THERMINK). The PS THERMINK material, just like the THERMIK material is also used for thermal insulation of floors, roofs and ceilings (may vary due to specifications).

With this practice , the company helps to solve the problem of existence of vast quantities of expanded polystyrene waste (from packing boxes, fish markets , etc . ) 

And polyurethane (from structural and thermal insulation products , industrial and domestic refrigerators etc. ) . These wastes until recently ended up in landfills .

The «Nicolaides & amp; Kountouris Metal Company Ltd » was awarded in 2016 , with the FIRST Prize Cyprus Inneon Eco Innovation Award - Award Eco -Innovation Platform Inneon (Network of Eco-Innovation Investment) which is supported and funded by the European Union.

To view photos of the installation and use of materials and THERMINK PS THERMINK please follow the link :




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